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Top reasons to contact Hooked Up Marine

At Hooked Up Marine we love to service and look after your boat like we are working on our own. We are passionate and enthusiastic about setting up your boat perfect for you!

  1. Custom Fitouts

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  2. Light installations

    L.E.D systems, Light Installations, Re-wiring. read more

  3. Navigation systems | Sounders

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  4. Boat and Trailer

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  5. Sound systems, Entertainment

    info on the way

  6. Electric Winches

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  7. Dual Battery Systems

    Need more battery power; Sure we have all the battery options needed to stay positive! read more.

  8. Your services isn’t listed here, contact us

    Contact us to see if we can assist you with your enquiry; custom marine work is welcome and our service is second to none. contact form


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